26 - 28 SEPTEMBER 2024



New Mettlach premium tap: Historical patterns for an individual style statement


A luxurious tap that reflects Villeroy & Boch’s brand history of more than 270 years in a unique way – the new Mettlach premium collection combines the highest product quality based on centuries-old artisanal experience with an exclusive pattern inspired by the historical “Mettlach tiles”.

Lovingly created design

The design of the Mettlach tap range has been created with great attention to detail: the straight-lined shape consequently interacts with clear geometries and balanced proportions. Bevelled edges give the overall look a subtle vintage attitude. The exclusive highlight is the decoration: the famous tile design with the model number 1, where rhombuses interact together to create a mosaic, has been transferred to the side-attached block of the control lever with a high-quality relief structure on the tap. An additional detail: the coordinates of the Old Abbey, Villeroy & Boch's historical and current headquarters, have been engraved in the lever itself.

One pattern’s history

The unmistakeable rhombus pattern made its début in 1850 on the stoneware “Mettlach tiles”, which can still be admired around the world today in many places steeped in history, such as in Cologne Cathedral or the Holland Tunnel in New York. Villeroy & Boch has already made use of this historical pattern as a design element several times in other product areas, albeit with a modern and understated twist. Therefore, besides the Mettlach tap range, the pattern can also be found on various household and kitchen furniture from the Mosaïque collection and the classic ceramic butler sink.

Sophisticated functionality

Not only is Mettlach’s design impressive, so is the technology for its functionality: the integrated laminar aerator makes using the tap very hygienic. Its water flow is virtually splash-free while minimising the production of aerosols, which can spread disease-causing bacteria such as legionella. Then there is the practical EasyClean feature, which removes residue very easily and avoids limescale build-up in the water outlet. And the ColdStarter lever ensures that only cold water comes out of the tap when turned on from mid-position – hot water will only flow when the lever is turned towards “warm”. This significantly reduces the often unnecessary consumption of hot water and saves energy.

Stylish displays in the premium sector

The Mettlach tap range consists of models suitable for every purpose in the bathroom. There is a choice of four washbasin taps, one bidet tap and three bathroom taps, including an imposing floor-standing version for free-standing baths. The selection is rounded off by two concealed taps and two concealed thermostats for the shower.

Villeroy & Boch offers all Mettlach taps with four high-quality surfaces for designing customised bathroom interiors: in addition to the classic, high-gloss Chrome finish, there are two elegant brushed versions – Brushed Gold and Brushed Nickel Matt – and the expressive solid-coloured Black Matt.

Villeroy & Boch premium bathroom collections provide the perfect stage for showcasing the exclusive design of the Mettlach tap range in style: it adds a confident touch to the clearly puristic spirit of the Memento 2.0 bestseller, while seamlessly interacting with the Antheus collection that was inspired by Art Deco and Bauhaus design.

Only available in NME, India, Africa, South America, Russia and Asia.