26 - 28 SEPTEMBER 2024



At FIND – Design Fair Asia, we prioritise the security of our customers. Please remain vigilant against third-party entities falsely promoting discounted stands or offering visitor data. If you come across any suspicious communications, promptly contact us at contact@designfairasia.com.

It's crucial to note that we never sell the data of our visitors or exhibitors. Any assertion otherwise is fraudulent.

Be on the lookout for scams! Watch out for:

  1. Caution against emails falsely offering complimentary directory listings.
  2. Exercise heightened scrutiny for emails selling data, falsely claiming association with FIND – Design Fair Asia or our organising companies.
  3. Verify the legitimacy of service offers (e.g., hotel bookings) not originating from B-Network.
  4. Protect sensitive information: Do not share updated banking details without proper verification via secure channels.
  5. Maintain vigilance against social media messages soliciting favors or impersonating our show team members.

Securing Your Interaction:

  1. Verify the sender's email (typically contact@designfairasia.com) to ensure it originates from a legitimate show team member.
  2. Confirm the content aligns with FIND - Design Fair Asia's consistent style.
  3. Scrutinize the language for any atypical clumsiness or deviation from the standard tone employed by FIND - Design Fair Asia.

Prioritise your safety by meticulous examination of communications.

Safeguard exhibitors with essential tips from AEO's guide

If you detect a potential scam:

  1. Refrain from responding to the email or clicking on any links.
  2. End any conversation that triggers suspicion during a call.
  3. Immediately report your concerns to us at contact@designfairasia.asia for swift verification.