26 - 28 SEPTEMBER 2024




The feature zone will host the Altostrata Pavilion as well as the latest generation of 3D printers which will be activated throughout the show to fabricate furniture and design items. Discover the fascinating world of next-gen 3D manufacturing which uses biodegradable materials throughout at the beautifully design dome that also will host a series of short talks on sustainability, innovation, technology, and smarter living. The intimate setting allows for 30 pax maximum so be early to ensure your seat.

Untitled Design (3)

Altostrata Pavilion

FIND - Design Fair Asia will showcase a temporary space to discover the world of 3D printing and the beautiful forms that can be created with this innovative technology. Designed by Mamou Mani Architects in collaboration with Arup, biodegradable sugar-based PLA is used to create a sophisticated, sustainable urban design that will host talks on innovation, technology and sustainability.

Fab.Pub Circular Factories (3D Printer Community)

“Designed by Mamou-mani and fabricated locally by the Fab.Pub circular factories” Fab.Pub (Fabrication Public) is the shop of the future which makes 3D printing and other design technologies accessible to everyone.  People(and companies) can book the machines online and commission customizable projects which are then produced locally in one of Fab.Pub's “urban factories” worldwide.

Fab.Pub and its community of designer-makers, will turn dreams into realities, research new sustainable materials, share 3D files and G-Codes with each other, learning as a global community.

At Fab.Pub we design internationally and produce locally. Our goal is for you to take back control of the production and delivery of your projects. Turning consumers into prosumers, highly involved in the objects they dream of whilst taking active part in the transition to a circular economy!

"We believe in the full lifecycle of anything we help create, thinking of where materials come from to where they end up. We aim to change the world together."