21 - 23 SEPTEMBER 2023


Chair and Co-chair of content – Tony Chambers and Yoko Choy will bring world-renowned personalities and practitioners in the design industry to the FIND – Global Summit, a highlight of the fair, and share insights and visions in what will be the most anticipated face-to-face gathering for the design community in Southeast Asia.

This advisory panel, made of 20 FIND – Insiders and international speakers, will be exploring the role of design and creative businesses in the area of sustainable development, the future of wellness, post-pandemic hospitality, the biophilic design movement, designing the metaverse and the 3Cs in the creative industry – creativity, commerce, and communication.

The FIND - Global summit is located within the Italian Design Futures Capsule at the heart of the exhibition floor. Please note that seats a available on a first come, first served, basis.

FIND – Global Summit: the largest gathering of leading architects and designers from across the globe
FIND – Global Summit: the largest gathering of leading architects and designers from across the globe
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As a signature component to the fair, FIND – Global Summit, will provide a much-needed platform for exchange and inspiration. The three-day summit will be an opportunity for practitioners in the creative industries, both established and new, to share inspiring and ground-breaking design work as well as the progressive ideas that are transforming their industries.

Tony Chambers

Former Editor-in-Chief Of Wallpaper*
Chair of Content for FIND - Design Fair Asia




Current economic models rely on a level of consumption that is rapidly destroying our ecosystems. We must therefore design circularity into all that we do. Singapore, a small country with no natural resources, understands these challenges very well. It supports the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations Development Program and the recently launched Singapore Green Plan 2030, a nationwide movement to advance sustainable development. At the summit, we welcome international speakers who will help raise awareness of and inspire new ideas to achieve the SDGs globally.



The pandemic has had a significant impact on the hospitality and tourism industry. It might seem as if the crisis has forced businesses to respond to the new changes in the market, but the truth is that it just accelerated many of the foreseeable changes we already expected. Architects and designers are often catalysts for changes in hospitality. In an industry that yearns for innovation and strives for distinction in a crowded marketplace, creative minds are responsible for creating unique and inspiring environments and businesses seek a holistic approach in future planning.



The desire to engage with nature is an innate part of the human experience and has a significant impact on our lives and work. The summit sheds light on the concept of nature connectedness and “biophilic design” – a building design concept used to increase occupants’ connection to the natural environment – while “nature connectedness” refers to how we perceive and relate to nature. The speakers will take the audience on a journey into the human-nature relationship, the adaptive synergy between design and nature and the emerging biophilic design movement in urbanism and consumerism.



The wellness market is growing rapidly after the pandemic. Consumers seem intent on continuing to invest in products that improve their health, fitness, nutrition, appearance, sleep, and mindfulness. Our experts at the summit will explore the rapidly changing and fast-growing wellness and beauty industry, providing audiences with a new definition of beauty and of luxury.



Architects and designers need to be at the frontiers of the metaverse. Speakers walk us through the big picture showing the rise of the digital economy and zoom in on burning issues such as NFT (non-fungible tokens) in art as digital assets, changing business models, artificial intelligence in design, transcending the physical and virtual worlds, social responsibility in the digital sense and creating values in the virtual landscape.



Collaboration and cooperative relationships are needed globally, not only after a pandemic but also for the potential crises and challenges that lie ahead. Southeast Asia is of huge importance to international communities, too. The Global Summit is an important event that will help to bring together creative people with businesses and the community, building trust and understanding between different sectors of the industry. Education is a fundamental theme in sustainable and innovative creative development, too.